What They’re Saying

Saw you Saturday at the folk festival in Spokane….. BRAVO!!!

-Lisa Vantour-Vorhies


Hey Micah.  Thanks for taking charge and nailing it!! Many guests told me that your playing really made the evening.

-Matt Petkun, Portland Arlington Club


Micah – great job at our wedding today. No one could possibly play Marilyn Manson on the pipes like you did. We appreciate the all-out effort.

-Scott Schur


Micah, Thank you for making our Mother’s 95th birthday so memorable!

-Nancy Slater and Mary Huse


Micah, thanks again for judging at the Tacoma Games. I really appreciate the comments you write. Win, lose or draw a comment sheet like the one you write is worth the price of admission!

-Rob Gebhart


Although I had musical instruction for 12 years when I was young, I didn’t get a practice chanter until I was 65.  I’m turning 70 now, and have been on the pipes for 4 years,  practicing over an hour a day.   In the last year I have been a student of Micah’s.   What I like about Micah is that he always works hard to help me become  better and  patiently shows me the way to improve.    I love playing the pipes, and Micah is helping me become as good as I can be.  I believe few pipers of his advanced level would be willing to work with a senior adult like me to help me improve and work toward my goals

-Steve Hughes

Having grown up with Micah, and hearing his performances on several occasions, I can confidently recommend his talent and commitment to musical excellence! Micah always impressed in a professional capacity and pursues perfection in his music. I eagerly await a chance to hear him play again.

-Mark van Oppen

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