My Teaching Background

I have taught lessons to individuals, groups, and bagpipe bands since 2004. My students enjoy the benefit of a teacher with a track record of professional success as a performer and a competitor. At the same time, I have a demonstrated ability to connect with students in a way that helps them maximize their potential, and fosters a deep love for all aspects of bagpipe music. I have years of experience working with youth pipe bands in the Pacific Northwest. I have also taught in the Portland area as an instructor on staff at the Highland Musical Arts Summer School of Piping and Drumming.


My Teaching Philosophy

I believe strongly in the importance of having a great relationship with a private music teacher – especially when trying to master a somewhat complicated instrument like the bagpipes! I think that learning happens best when a student is inspired, so I work hard to get my students excited by sharing examples that represent the very best in bagpiping and Scottish music. Goal setting is an important aspect of my teaching style, and I help my students to define an attainable set of goals that creates accountability for both the student and the teacher, and drives the learning process forward. I pride myself on the patient approach that I have developed over the years, especially with adult learners and young beginners. Lastly, encouragement and humor are tools that I use to foster a positive learning environment, so that my students and I become allies in the effort to improve.


Rates and Policies

I am currently accepting hardworking, committed students who are able to set aside at least an hour a day to practice. I only offer weekly lessons, because frequent meetings between student and teacher are key to building good habits. My rate for lessons is $40 per hour. To cancel a scheduled lesson, I ask that students let me know a day in advance out of respect for my schedule. Same-day cancellations are acceptable – but payment for the missed lesson is then due the following week.

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